Tongues - A Great Gift - CD

Tongues - A Great Gift - CD

Once quite controversial, the gift of tongues has often been misunderstood, even despised. Yet it is once of the wonderful gifts of the Holy Spirit, and given by God for very good purposes.

In this message John Alley unravels the mystery of tongues, exploring what the Bible has to say on the subject and combining this with great experience. This is an encouraging, biblical and highly motivating message. For those unsure of the authenticity and proper use of 'tongues', as well as those who already know the grace of the gift, this message is a must.

John explains 10 biblical reasons why the gift of tongues is so useful, powerful, effective, and fruitful in Christian life, intercession and prayer. These are compelling reasons why every believer needs to understand tongues and be truly blessed.

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