The Fear of the Lord - 2 CD Set

The Fear of the Lord - 2 CD Set

Beginning with discussion of the righteous judgements of God and the reasons behind them, John Alley goes on to teach on the subject of the sins of the ancestors, and the profound effect that they can have on the life of the believer.

John also gives instruction in the area of dealing prayerfully with general sins and generational spirits, so that our lives can be lived in liberty before God.

In addition, John describes the wonderful and awesome fear of the Lord. Drawing on his own experiences as well as Scripture, John delivers a thought provoking and often sobering message, exhorting the listener to be very mindful of issues such as holy living and humility before God.

For the Christian believer who is intent on walking closely with God and bringing glory to God in serving Him, this is a compelling series.

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