Teaching Series by John Alley

Understanding Repentance - CD & DVD

Beginning with heart attitudes and continuing through sins of omission and sins of commission, the listener is exhorted to deal with the sinful hum

Christ's Messianic Reign in 4 Psalms - CD & DVD

The Psalms have a lot to says about the Messianic Kingdom of Christ.

Claims & Counter Claims - CD & DVD

In this message John Alley explains the destructive nature of claims being made by well meaning, but uninformed believers.

Defeating the Power of Accusation - CD & DVD

This is a crucial message for every believer and every Christian leader. Accusation is a very destructive power.

Do we all Need a Spiritual Father - CD

Do we all need a spiritual father?

Dreams and their Biblical Interpretation - CD

We all dream, and dreams are the indirect voice of God. The language of the Spirit is in pictures and symbols.

Exposing the Spirit of Lawlessness - CD

This insightful and helpful teaching, based on revelation and experience, opens the eyes of the believer to just how lies, schemes of Satan, and in

Generational Blessing - CD & DVD

Whilst the church has heard much about curses, very little has been understood about blessing.

Honour - CD & DVD

The giving of honour is one of the most important, and frequently missing, elements that are needed in the Body of Christ.

How to Get Answers to Prayer - CD

Everyone wants to be heard when they pray, and to have their prayers answered.

Prophets False & True - CD & DVD

There is a proper place in the body of Christ for the true prophetic ministry, and this gift is essential as part of the five-fold ministry gifts n

Rebellion in the House - CD

This message is based on the story of Jesus healing the man with the withered hand, which he did in the sight of those Pharisees who hated Him, and

Seeking the Big Breakthrough - CD

John Alley begins this message by telling of the journey from a traditional denominational church to a church designed and governed the way God int

The Grace & Power of Christ in Baptism - CD

In this message John opens up the Bible's answers to many questions about baptism.

The Believer’s Authority - CD & DVD

Christ has given the believer authority in His name, but many believers don't understand what it is, or how to use it.

The Believer’s Authority - How to Pray - CD & DVD

It's common for believers to have family and friends who are close, but not close to Christ.

The Power of Generosity - CD

Is it really more blessed to give than to receive? That is what the Lord Jesus is quoted as saying by Paul in the book of Acts.

The Power of the Tithe - CD

The Tithe is the Lord's - it is that portion which belongs to Him. The Bible says that the tithe is holy, and that means the same thing.

The Salvation of the Jews - CD & DVD

This teaching comes after the encounter John Alley had with a Jewish man in North America.

The State of the War - CD & DVD

There are religious spirits that seek to infiltrate, so as to manipulate and control, every denomination and other institutions.

The Victory of the Cross - CD

This message is a stirring explanation of Christ's defeat of Satan's power through the purpose, judgement, victory and power of God, through the cr

Tongues - A Great Gift - CD

Once quite controversial, the gift of tongues has often been misunderstood, even despised.

Gates of Hades - 2 Set CD

Jesus said that the "Gates of Hell will not prevail." But what exactly are the gates of Hell, and how does something like a "gate" prevail or not

God’s Unchanging Purpose - 2 Set CD

God's plan has never changed right from the beginning, although our understanding of what that is hasn't been complete.

Holy Fire – Strange Fire - 2 Set CD

The fire of God is one of the most powerful symbols of God's holiness, awesomeness and judgement that we find in the Bible.

How to walk in Grace & Freedom - 2 CD Set

As born again believers, we know that it is by grace that we are saved, and not by works.

Listening Prayer - 2 CD Set or 1 DVD

Listening prayer is possibly one of the most important messages for our day. Listening prayer is the key to grace for this present age.

Mercy Triumphs over Judgement - 2 CD Set

These two messages, "The Recycle Bin" and "The Debt Collector" have brought more listener response, testimonies and requests for copies for friends

Power & Protection - 2 CD Set

This is an important message covering the need to grow in the Spirit and the power of anointing, and at the same time to build protection over you

Pursuing a Spiritual Father - 2 CD & DVD Set

In scripture we see that Elisha pursued Elijah, Joshua pursued Moses, and the 12 disciples followed Jesus.

Relational Boundaries - 2 CD & DVD Set

In the past when father son relationships were popular in the churches and ministries, there were sometimes excesses.

Set the Captives Free - 2 CD Set

This message by John Alley deals with deliverance, the occult, and demonic oppression in the context of our need to deal with evil wherever we find

Sonship, Inheritance & Generational Blessing - 2 CD Set

In the Old Testament it was sons who received inheritance, and it was sons who were given a blessing.

Sowing and Reaping - 2 CD Set

The Bible says that what we sow is what we reap. This includes financial things too.

The Fear of the Lord - 2 CD Set

Beginning with discussion of the righteous judgements of God and the reasons behind them, John Alley goes on to teach on the subject of the sins of

The Restoration of New Testament Prophets - 2 CD Set

We know much more about Old Testament prophets that we do about New Testament Prophets - but it is not the Old Testament types he is restoring, but

While Ever the Earth Endures - 2 CD & DVD Set

God established the earth, and established the seasons, the sun and the moon.

Christian Weddings, Marriage and Courtship - 3 CD Set

In this series, John Alley sets out to challenge the assumptions many Christians have concerning wedding and courtship.

Faith, Feelings and Expectations - 3 CD Set

What is the one thing that will change everything with regard to answered prayer and our walk with God?

Healing - 3 CD Set

Many years of experience in healing ministry were the background for this teaching.

Overcoming Lawlessness - 3 CD Set

What is ‘lawlessness’?

The Anointing - 3 CD Set

Do you long to be used by God and to work according to His will?

The Old & The New - 3 CD Set

This series by John Alley is inspiring and eye opening.

The Nations Called Into the Kingdom of Christ - 4 CD & DVD Set

This 4 part message by John Alley opens up the topic of the Kingdom of God - on earth, here and now.

Faith to Move Mountains - 5 CD & DVD Set

We live by, are justified by, and come to God by faith.

5 Major Revelations (Spiritual Warfare Pack) - 6 CD Set

Each of the 5 subjects taught in this collection represent a major revelation of spiritual truth that solved great problems and brought about criti

Financial Wisdom and Increase - 6 CD Set

Everybody would like to prosper financially, but not everyone does so.

Holy Community - 6 CD & DVD Set

This is a highly recommended series, a must for every pastor and leader, and crucial teaching for every fellowship.

How Grace really Works - 6 CD Set

These are powerful and life changing messages. Without understanding grace you cannot walk in the power of God.

Identity & Inheritance as Sons of God - 8 CD Set

We receive many strengths, blessings and graces through our fathers.

Christ & Sabbath Rest - 8 CD & DVD Set or 1 MP3 Disc

John preached a series of messages in various locations about Christ and Sabbath Rest.

No Longer in the Dark - 9 CD & DVD Set & 1 MP3 Disc

An Eschatology Study Series, opening up a more scholarly understanding of the Great Tribulation as having been fulfilled in history, in accordance

The Apostolic Revelation - 10 CD Set

Preached in Launceston, Tasmania, this 10 part audio set, explains all of the principles also expounded in the book, The Apostolic Revelation.

Releasting the Power of Intercession - 14 Message MP3 Disc

This material is now available at our online training website.