When Mary was told she would be with child, and this baby was to be none other than God, she was curious how this would happen. She was told she would become pregnant via the Holy Spirit's power. From that time she carried the Christ within her.

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Bethlehem was a little town in Judea when Christ was born there, and today (pictured above) it is still a small middle easter town. There is little to differentiate it from other places, and yet Christ chose this location to be born.

Christ has always been on one hand quick to avoid the limelight, and humble in all His dealings, such as His humble birth at a location like Bethlehem. And on the other hand His life was touched by great glory, such as the vast choirs of Heaven singing for His birth. Such glory and humility combined.

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It's easy to not consider the Christmas experience that others have each year as we can easily be consumed by our own lives and experiences. Christmas in many parts of the world is not the glamorous event that is often witnessed in the west. In Cambodia for example, Christians remember Christ often in a simple form that may not involve any gifts at all, but still full of love and thanksgiving for the advent of Christ.

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