Lloyd Gill has just returned on behalf of 'Peace' from some fruitful ministry in both Tanzania and Kenya meeting with key brothers, congregations and ministries in Dar 'es Salaam, and also in Nairobi and the surrounding areas.

In Tanzania during December 6-9, Lloyd spoke and ministered for Pastor Job, a dear brother who he was able to serve with teaching, impartation and prayer. The apostolic grace that is on our lives, is tangible, and truly flows when we go with the purpose to give and serve others.

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Lloyd Gill has just spent the last few weeks in Africa ministering in Tanzania and then Kenya. The gospel is flourishing in sub-saharan Africa, and non more evident in these nations. The gospel is beginning to take a foothold in the top half of Africa too, as prayer has an effect, and other factors like terrorism turn the thoughts of muslim people to look for alternatives.

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Over the last few weeks John Alley has been ministering in South Africa and Kenya. In South Africa, John was joined by Dennis Wells and Peter Staines. John described their time with these words:

"We have been in South Africa a week, and it’s been good. I always enjoy South Africa. When we first arrived, we met some key pastors, and then began ministry at the Youth Camp.

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