State of the War - Free Download

There are religious spirits that seek to infiltrate, so as to manipulate and control, every denomination and other institutions, and in many cases have been completely successful, having gained entrance through the carnal nature of controlling believers. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God would grow so large that the ‘birds of the air’ would come and roost in its branches.

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Defeating the Power of Accusation - Free Download

This is a crucial message for every believer and every Christian leader. Accusation is a very destructive power. It is effectively the opposite of intercession. Left unconfronted, accusation can destroy lives and churches.

Learn how to deal with the power of witchcraft that has been built against you, and your church ministry, through accusation, and the simple steps in prayer to deal with accusation and bring you release and freedom.

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Faith, Feelings and Expectations - Grow in Faith

What is the one thing that will change everything in regard to answered prayer and our walk with God?

Find out, as John explores the different outcomes of living according to our faith or our feelings.

Along with a thorough explanation of the importance of keeping our expectations positive, these principles will greatly change lives as the listener is guided to a heart position of believing and holding an expectation that God does want to be involved in our lives, at every level.

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Dreams and Their Biblical Interpretation

We all dream, and dreams are the indirect voice of God.

The language of the Spirit is in pictures and symbols. Learn how your dreams are a symbolic message concearning your own inner life and walk with Christ.

Lean to avoid the pitfalls of misinterpreting dreams and learn a successful and reliable approach to hearing the voice of God through dreams.

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