great commandment

Last week I concluded with the following question. If we loved one another like Christ loved us, what effect would this have on our Christian witness, and the world around us?

To me it is obvious that if the Lord gives an instruction there is a very good reason for it, and it should not be considered a suggestion. When we ignore the instruction of the Lord we do so at our own peril (there is ample evidence of this in the Old Testament, and that was when God spoke by His Holy Prophets).

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There are some passages of scripture that are very well known, but unfortunately not much heeded. Let us consider Christ’s command and examine what is contained in it, and look for what can be discovered.

Our Lord Jesus Christ was with His disciples, He was soon to be arrested and killed. He had important things to say to them in preparation for His departure and for their future ministry. This was not a request but a command, “you must love one another”.

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