Ministry in Switzerland


For many years we have prayed that the doors of ministry to Europe would open to us. Even though we have as a ministry been to England and Ireland many times, it was really mainline Europe where we have not had opportunity to do much.

God has given us an important message and work to do, and even though we have been extensively to many other parts of the world, it seemed hard to get into non English speaking Europe.

However God has heard our prayers, and last week John Alley completed ministry at a significant multi-national conference in Zurich.

We always view ministry as serving others, helping them in their ministry, and in preaching that is the seed we sow. We never go with a view to promoting ourselves, and always strive to point people and churches towards how they should love and serve one another. As such it has often been God that has opened doors for us, through prayer as we have not endeavoured to push doors open.

And God has certainly opened this door, for which we are grateful. Pray for us that our new friends in Europe will be blessed, that God will give their work grace, and that His message which we carry, will have live and enable to saints to live and serve Him, an each other in a better way.

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