John Alley begins his message with a brief outline of some of the history of Peace, including a word that was given indicating that we needed to “rope ourselves together for the push to the summit”. From this word, it became apparent that the Lord required the people to join together for prayer every week as a group no less than 60 strong – and this was the beginning of the Watch of the Lord, the Friday night prayer meeting that continues to this day. We reached the summit, says John, in 2002 – but we did not realise it at the time. There were several significant events, all of God, which in hindsight we can recognise as attaining the heights that we sought God for. But we must keep on looking for the fullness of what God has for us. There is another mountain to climb and to be successful we all must empty ourselves before the Lord in full surrender. We are very ordinary people – but God can use ordinary people. We must not give pride any place in our lives but must humble ourselves before the Lord. John brings an exhortation to each one to pray specific prayers from this time forward for the pastors in the city to be brought together in deep unity and also for the raising of the city eldership. John concludes with Psalm 144:12-13 , a passage which describes the outcomes of true unity in the body of Christ.

| Message ByJohn Alley