Summit Registration

Registration for the Annual Apostolic Summit can be completed on this page. The cost is $20 per family unit which includes a couple and their children. If there are multiple couples, or multiple family units, then please complete additional registrations as required. If you are registering as a single adult, the cost is also $20. Please select one of the following payment methods and complete payment. Once you have been through that process, then you will proceed to leave the details of your registration with us.

PLEASE NOTE: The Australian Apostolic Summit is open to all interested parties, but is primarily for Australian delegates, and also international delegates who are in relationship with Apostle John Alley or Peace Apostolic Ministries. Unfortunately because of strict Border protection and immigration laws we cannot provide letters of invitation to delegates who successfully register but who are unknown to us. Those registrants will need to apply for a visa without our endorsement, and arrange all their own travel and accommodation. The $20 cost is non refundable.