The Increase of His Government

The prophet Isaiah, in speaking of the coming Messiah, said “….Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end…” What, exactly, does that mean? John Alley brings a message of hope and encouragement regarding the things to come in light of the Gospel. John examines the words of the prophets Isaiah and Daniel as well as Chapter 21 of Revelation and draws parallels in the prophetic language and symbolism contained therein.
Most popular theories about the end of the world and the second coming of Christ are not based on exegesis, says John, where the Bible would interpret itself. When, however, a comprehensive study is made of the Bible passages relative to this subject, it can be seen that the word of God, the Gospel, will continue to grow and increase and be active in the world. John presents statistics that verify that Christianity is on the increase in the world and that

Prospering Righteously

On this Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the Church, John Alley takes us on a journey through a succession of linked topics. Starting with the victory of Christ and the establishment of the Messianic Kingdom shown in Peter's sermon at Pentecost, John then moves on to talk about finances. The early church had a special grace for prospering righteously. The book of Acts tells us that there was "no needy persons among them." John says we must each find a grace in our lives to prosper for the sake of righteousness and the kingdom. Financial prosperity is not a get…

On Earth Peace #1

On Earth Peace #1
John Alley opens his message today with the scene described in Luke 2:1-20. The shepherds were terrified when the angel of the Lord appeared to them. Why were they afraid? They were afraid because suddenly And without warning the realm of the unseen opened before them and the glory of the Lord was all around. They were overwhelmed by a sense of the fear of the Lord. God appeared in the normal, earthy circumstance of everyday life. John then goes on to discuss the song that the angels sang, and to speak of other powerful songs that are recorded in…