John Alley takes this opportunity to pay tribute to the life and ministry to Apostle Chuck Clayton. John commences by reading a statement saying that the ultimate goal in ministry is not to merely proclaim the message but to become the message. Apostle Chuck Clayton became the message, and in so doing as a father he reproduced the message. John goes on to reflect on the chain of events that led to the development of the true father/son relationship between himself and Apostle Chuck, all the while emphasizing the integrity, humility and courage that were evident in the life…

The Unconditional Love of God

Michael Appleton brings today's message, focusing on the unconditional love of God. By its very nature, says Michael, unconditional love has no strings attached and no requirements to be met. The love that God gives so freely does not change. We do not need to measure up we are loved by the Father, no matter what. His love is undeterred even when we go astray Gods love continues towards us. As we reflect on Gods love, and know that love in a deeper way, says Michael, we are filled with the love of God and become Gods love in a…

Total Depravity

Total Depravity
John Alley continues on from where he left off two weeks ago discussing the sovereignty of God. How fallen is man really? How much saving do we need? Who does this saving and how much of it is God's work, and how much of it requires our response? These are all great questions to consider, and the Bible has answers.