End Times

Matt 24: Jesus Answers two Questions

Once again speaking on the subject of eschatology, John Alley begins this message with a brief outline of the life of Rev Richard Johnson, who arrived on the First Fleet 226 years ago. Rev Johnson achieved remarkable things, says John, as did his contemporaries Wilberforce and Newton. So what did these men have in common that resulted in the great works that they achieved? Clearly, all 3 believed in our wonderful Saviour, but in addition these men did NOT believe that the world was almost at an end, and therefore whole-heartedly poured out their lives in service to Christ.

John, examining the Passage from Matthew 24 and 25, outlines 13 differences in the 2 parts of this passage, each of which answers one of the two questions posed to Jesus in Matthew 24:3. This verse is often interpreted as being one question, but a closer examination clearly proves that there were actually 2 questions, and therefore 2 answers. The first question and answer have already been fulfilled, but the second is still in the future. We should not, therefore, become complacent but should work for the Kingdom of God.

Prophecy Fulfilled The AD70 Destruction of Jerusalem

Christians have been taught for many years that the prophecies of Jesus regarding “end times” are yet to be fulfilled. Matters such as the great tribulation as described by Jesus are found mentioned in the gospels and are the subject of many parables told by Jesus. However, John explains that a careful examination of the writings of Josephus, a well-respected scholar and historian, when taken alongside the words of Jesus, paint a different picture. Many of the words of prophecy spoken by Jesus have already been fulfilled, says john. The understanding of this brings empowerment and great joy to the believer.

John goes on to explain that in this current age, when God reaches out to his people it is with a whole heart that offers nothing but mercy. A time is coming, however, when a day of reckoning will come upon all people. Rich with scripture verses as well as historical teaching, this message will encourage the listener to be found, when Jesus returns, carrying out the will of our Lord.