The Scriptures #4 Evidences of Truth

In bringing today’s message, Philip Alley gives insight into the many evidences around the authenticity of the Bible as the word of God. Philip speaks of the consistency of the scriptures, even though they were written by more than 40 different authors, as different times and in different places and circumstances. Moving on, Philip then raises the matters of circulation and translation, the survival of the scriptures, the evidence of fulfilled prophecy and of our own experience. These, say Philip, are all evidence of the grace that is on the Bible. This message will prove very interesting to the listener,…

David Alley brings a wonderful message of hope today as he examines through Scripture the place in our lives, the proof of the event and the power of the resurrection of Christ. The resurrection, says David, has the central place in the Christian faith. David then goes on to explore 9 convincing proofs of the resurrection of Jesus and then concludes with several Scripture verses relevant to the power of the resurrection in the life of the believer. This is a message to build faith and to encourage.