This week The Spirit of Sonship book has gone onto the Amazon Store in Kindle format for the first time. As part of the release, it is being offered for free for the first 5 days only and after that reverts to the standard pricing of $6.99.

The Apostolic Revelation is already on the Kindle shop and it won't be long before Holy Community, John Alley's third book also makes its way there too.

One of the biggest needs we have is to obtain genuine reviews from people who have read these books. Honest reviews help other people decide whether or not to purchase these books and if the books has helped you, or even hindered you in some way, being honest about it and sharing your feelings and thoughts will help other people who are deciding whether to buy or not.

If you have read any of John Alley's books, would you consider logging a review... and don't forget to grab your free copy on the Kindle in the next few days.