Signs, Wonders & Apostolic Authority

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One of the hardest things to shake has been the idea that signs and wonders prove the apostle. Back in the 90’s, in the earliest years of the restoration of apostles, the concept that with apostles would come miracles was just about ubiquitous.

I personally remember a conversation we had in the dining room of my father John Alley about this exact thing, except at the time I didn’t know it was about this thing. I was present there, along with all the pastors, and pastor’s wives from peace. It was our weekly leadership small group gathering. On that occasion, John Alley (my Dad) put the question to the group asking, what was the sign of an apostolic people. To me in that moment it was so obvious that if we were to get back to being like the early church, it wasn’t about a return to power, but about a return to community, selfless love and things related to our character, attitudes and relationships.

Both apostles and an apostolic people are really grounded in their love, their relational way of life, their community and their identity as God’s people. Power comes after that. Sometimes there are people who wield spiritual power but carry an independent spirit, but that isn’t apostolic but some other thing. Apostles and apostolic people can never be independent because that is not the nature of God. Even in the life of God Himself is the community of the trinity, and Christ demonstrated what it meant to be a son, dependent on his heavenly Father, only doing what He saw him do.

If we think miracles are the proof of ‘apostolicity’, (is that even a word) we are on the wrong track.

Just the same, God’s people are called to do great things for him, and this isn’t limited to his apostles, or even to his ministers. Christ said we would do even “greater things” than him, a reference to all that we would achieve together as his people, changing the world with the gospel. Miracles are a part of it because we are a supernatural people ,but our glory isn’t in the miracles, but in God, and the joy we have being His people.

So with all of that in mind, here is a series of vlogs by John Alley on miracles, signs, wonders, and apostolic authority. Over the years there have been many instances of God’s hand on John’s life, and on the church at peace, working through us. He is so gracious, and we are so grateful.

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