The Call to be a People

The Call to be a People

Last week John preached about the desire of God to raise a people who will do his work. This calling is on Peace, and on others around the world too.

In Feb 1994, while John Alley was wrestling with his call to apostolic mission in the nations, plus his ministry in the home church, he said to the Lord. “This looks like two different jobs to me. Which one do you want me to do?”

The Lord replied, “It’s not two jobs! The Vision is one vision! The church IS the mission.”

Later that same year, 1994, when praying one Saturday night around the new building, John Alley received a prophetic vision with a strong message:

"I saw that we would as a people come into great unity of the Spirit, and that our teams, when they went out, would have tremendous power - but the power would come from the unity at home."

This sermon contains these stories and more information about how God's desire is to use a people in unity, with one heart, for his purposes.

| Message ByJohn Alley