The Apostolic Company #2

The Apostolic Company #2 In recent prophecies we have heard a number of different promises given to the church. We have already talked about the Apostolic Company, but the other promises have yet to be unpacked. God has promised grace for the apostolic message to go out to the nations, but also to go out on a regional scale. As an Apostolic company we have a grace to be tenderers and shepherds of our own region. It is important that we devote ourselves to our home town as well as going out. God is not just interested in the Apostolic message going out to the nations, but is also interested in our home towns. Over the years, through prayer we have seen Rockhampton transform into a town that is more pleasant to be in with a better reputation and fewer spiritual struggles. We don't often refer to our own city as 'beloved' and yet it has become more loved, and we should love and dedicate prayer to the spiritual well-being of the city we live in. When people are of one heart and one mind, God can be at rest in a town. That is what Emmanuel means 'God with Us.' God will not send us out and leave our own home untended. So be hopeful and hold on to the promises that God has given to us. God dwells with us in our home town. Prayer for your city, and seek to find ways that you can serve the city for the glory of Christ Jesus.

| Message ByJohn Alley