Jesus is Interesting

Jesus is Interesting!
Jesus was unique in the world that he came into, and continues to be unique today. If Jesus seems hum drum to you, consider this.
- Has more primary sources detailing his life and death than Alexander the Great.
- Has so many non biblical accounts of his life written, despite being a commoner, that his historical record would remain the same even if every Bible in the world was destroyed.
- Was humble in a world that valued pride
- Served everybody even though he was a king
- Included and valued women in his ministry, to the point of appearing to a woman first when he was resurrected
- Touched the untouchable
- Chose to die the worst death imaginable
- Predicted his death AND resurrection
And most importantly
Jesus is God.
This is not a hum drum Jesus. This is the Jesus that we fall in love with when we first become Christians. But Jesus is the same now as he was then, and anyone who has seen Jesus has seen God
Jesus calls you to follow him the way the disciples did, to lay down your life and serve him. Look into the eyes of Jesus every day, and ask him to give you his love for others.

Are you following Jesus like the disciples, or like the crowd that so quickly turned from loving to hating Jesus?
How can you share Jesus to others this week?

| Message ByDavid Alley