Demystifying the Holy Spirit

Demystifying the Holy Spirit

God told the children of Israel that they were to be a holy nation, and a kingdom of priests. (Exodus 19) He didn't pick the Israelites out only for special treatment at the expense of everyone else in the world, rather He picked them out also for special service on behalf of everyone else in the world. The nation of priests was supposed to be a people who were to serve others and represent God to them.

Sadly they did not obey God or follow Him as He asked them to, but the New Testament shows us that now the Church, God's people, are called to be that same holy nation. The apostle Peter said in 1 Peter 2:9 that we are that holy people, and we are all priests to serve God.

In the same way that everyone has the opportunity to marry, start a family and raise children, we are all called to belong, to serve and to give to God, and from God to others. We represent him. It is both a special privilege and a special responsibility.

Additionally, we have been given the Holy Spirit to help us. When you take time to receive of the Spirit in prayer, you may not feel any difference (just like a car with a broken fuel gauge), yet He has promised to give to you. So take confidence, receive of the Spirit, and serve knowing God is going to work through you. Adventure awaits!!

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