Seek the Lord, Then!

Would you like to see the promises that God has given you and the purpose that He has for your life, fulfilled? Seek the Lord, then! In this inspiring message, John Alley gives many examples from his own life experience of seeing great outcomes from seeking the Lord for a given situation.

He then goes on to show from Scripture that there are many benefits to be obtained from seeking the Lord in every area of life. “Every one of us must take seriously the matter of seeking the Lord”, says John. And we are not to take the attitude that all the other believers will do the seeking and ‘get the job done’. John also encouraged the listener to seek God for the grace needed to move from hand-to-mouth living to the place of having granaries or storehouses of financial provision, so as to be able to move quickly in any area of need, both for individual families and for the community of Peace.

Sunday, 5th July, 2009

| Message ByJohn Alley