In Many places in the world, smart phones are taking off and have become the default method of accessing the internet. In Australia, the UK, USA and similar nations, about 60% of people now use a phone or mobile device to access websites. This is an amazing shift in the way technology is used.

However in places like Africa, it is almost the only way most people access the internet. In addition, the internet speeds are slow and not well suited in some places for downloading and listening to video or audio. Unfortunately it frequently means that messages we provide as free are not accessible.

Most phones (not iphones) have inbuilt micro SD card readers which enable the user to store information they can access or listen to. The advantage of this, is that we are able to load up many audio messages onto a Micro SD card and a significant amount of content becomes available via a phone to those who have trouble with accessing it online.

We now have Micro SD cards in stock and are working to populate them with data. If you are interested in assisting us in getting the message our via this medium, please contact us on or you can also contribute via our giving page.