Rubyvale is a town in the Central Queensland Gemfields. In 1975, the first gemstone in the Rubyvale area was picked up by Archibald John Richardson as he made his way north surveying parts of Queensland.  It was in fact what was thought to be a ruby.  A few years later Archibald sent back workers who began to mine the area on his behalf.  The first fortune on the gemfields was made. This was a full 26 years before Australia became a nation.

Today people come to the gemfields from all over the world for a variety of reasons, but everyone hopes to strike it rich and find the big one.

In 2008, the worlds largest Emerald was uncovered in Brazil and was cut in India.  It weights over 55000 carats and has an estimated value of 1.2 million dollars.  Not bad for a lump of rock. Now THAT is the kind of big one you'd like to find to strike it rich.  Read more here

What's Worth More - Water or Gemstones?

Imagine I'm standing in front of you with a bucket of cut gemstones or a glass of water.  You can choose either and it's yours.  What would you choose. Easy choice, you pick the gemstones.  

Now let's imagine that you are a pioneer explorer in the middle of the Simpson Desert, you are dying of thirst.  Help is on it's way but the camels won't arrive for another 24-48 hours. You are going to perish.  Now imagine I'm standing in front of you with the bucket of cut gemstones, or the glass of water.  Which would you choose now.  Only an idiot would give up the water in the second scenario.  The value of the gemstones means absolutely nothing when it comes to life or death.

Simpson Desert Camels

So it is with our standing before God.  The Bible says that our life and our breath comes from God - we owe him everything.  The things which we value so highly now while we are alive count for nothing in the long run.  Ten out of ten people will die and meet their maker, and then what?

God gave the Ten Commandments as the Moral Law.  If you take time to examine the other commandments you'll begin to realise that your life and your time has been consumed on yourself and your desires.  If you have told a lie (even a little one) you have broken Commandment 9.  If you have stolen anything (even small things) you are a thief - and have broken commandment 8.  If you have looked at a women and thought about sex with her, then according to Jesus in Matthew 5:27 you have committed adultery in your heart.  That is breaking commandment 7.  Jesus also said if you hate someone you have committed murder in your heart - and broken commandment 6.  If you have used God's name as a swear word - you are a blasphemer and have broken commandment 3.  

Now imagine you are standing before God on judgement day when you life is finished.  What can you offer to God in exchange for your soul?  The Bible says that our very best effort is just filthy rags.  Our wealth, gemstones, and our savings account will be meaningless in that day.

God is a good judge and will have no option but to punish those who have broken his laws.  We would not expect a judge in any court of law to let criminals off.  If he did, he would not be a good judge.  And even though God may be loving, he is also just and good and will not excuse sin.  The Bible says he will punish sin wherever it is found.  If it is found in your heart, then you will be punished.  The Bible describes this punishment - it is eternal and is in the Lake of Fire, which we call Hell.  It is not a fun place and should not be laughed about.  People who are already in Hell are not laughing about the matter.  In the Bible in Luke 16:23 it describes a man who is in Hell.  He said "Have pity on me... I am in agony in this fire."  You can read the whole passage yourself and see it is no joke.

The only escape is Christ.  Jesus Christ was crucified (where the word excruciating comes from) even though innocent and gave his life as a payment for our sins.  In the same way a speeding fine must be paid by someone, so our sins must also be paid.  Your escape means you must first hand your life over to Christ in exchange for his life.  You place your life into His hands and trust His gift for you.  You then turn from your self centred sinful way of living and become willing to follow Jesus and be his disciple.  It's His life given in exchange for yours.  It will cost you everything but it will save your soul.

Jesus told a story about a Pearl of Great Value.  He said in Matthew 13:45 that "the Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.  When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it."

Jesus is saying that to follow him you'll need to give up everything you've got, but the salvation of your soul turns out to be very precious.

The Bible says that nobody is perfect and nobody meets God's standards. Everybody faces judgement before God.  However God loves humans and provided a way to escape eternal damnation and that was through Christ... you need Christ, don't wait another day.

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