Podcast from Peace Apostolic Ministries

Here you can access the feeds for two podcasts. We have a weekly audio message podcast featuring weekly sermons from Peace Apostolic Ministries. Here you can listen to John Alley, David Hood and others. This podcast contains the majority of messages from the last 12 months and is updated weekly.

We also have a permanent podcast which contains messages which are permanently embedded and this podcast is rarely updated. These messages are significant messages and revelations which will challenge you and change you. These are our best messages, preached mostly by John Alley. You can also find them on our downloads page.

Apple Devices

These podcasts have been submitted to the iTunes stores and are available in iTunes on both a computer and on iOS devices. Also, you can manually add them to your ipod or idevice by following these instructions.

Android Devices

To access our podcasts you will need to download a podcasting app to your device. If you are using an Android smart phone or similar, download your selected app and add the URL’s directly into that app to access our podcasts. This URL shows some useful apps for podcasting on Android.