For the last few years, if anyone wanted to order physical products (actual books, cds or dvds) they had to phone our office and place an order. However from today these items will be available for purchase online, through our ordering system.

Most of the same products are also available as free downloads, or digital products at no charge. They can be accessed from our free downloads page in the menu - however the actual physical resources still have an important place.

If you have a need to show these resources in your church, or to lend them to others, or to give them as gifts, or you find it easier with a real product, then please order through the online store.

In the case of the books, they are also available from other locations such as amazon and createspace, and in some circumstances the shipping is cheaper that from our store. If you are ordering from outside Australia, please consider createspace or amazon as options to consider.

To begin looking at the available resources, please go here.