Update: Thank you for your generosity. As a result we have now been able to publish the Spirit of Sonship in Nepalese. We are planning a book launch later this year (2016) in Kathmandu, although the book is already available to pastors. God has been gracious, and we are thankful to Him, and to all who have partnered with us to make the publishing possible.

Nepalese Christians don't have access to the same level of resources that we as English speaking believers often take for granted. For many Nepalese, even having the bible is difficult. However Gopaljee Adhikari is a man who has taken responsibility for translating resources from English into Nepalese as a blessing to the believers there. Gopaljee is a minister, missionary, translator and works hard, with great heart for the Kingdom of God and God's people.

Several years ago, at no expense to ourselves, Goapljee translated "The Apostolic Revelation" into Nepalese. At the 2013 Apostolic Summit funds were raised for the printing of that book and for its distribution to Nepali pastors. Now Gopaljee has continued with his work and has also translated "The Spirit of Sonship" into his language and is requesting that we raise the funds for it to be printed and distributed to pastors and believers in his country.

This is something on our heart, and something much needed for the Kingdom of God. The Church in Nepal is young and the apostolic message found in these books will do much to assist these young believers in finding the relational nature that God wants his people to have.

We love and admire Gopaljee much as a man who serves not only the Lord Jesus Christ, but also his own people, and also us as well.

And now we ask for your assistance in raising the funds to print the Spirit of Sonship in Nepal. We are looking to raise approximately $3000 US Dollars for this, and we invite you to contribute to assist.