Proof of God’s Existance


How do we know for sure that God is real? For those who know God, it’s a dumb question because it’s so obvious that he is real. God is everywhere, in everything. He is the air we breath, He fills the world with His love. Nothing could be clearer. But to others, the same “evidence” is a lack of evidence. Here are six things that prove to us that God is real.

1. The Existence of Everything.
Science claims to have an answer to how everything exists. It says it all came from nothing, all on its own. Yet this is a most non-commonsensical position to take. You cannot get something from nothing, there must be something in the first place, and that something needs to be eternal, otherwise it also needs to come from something too. Thus, the fact that everything exists, demonstrates to us that there is something of an eternal uncreated nature behind it all. The Universe and all of creation is proof that there is a God.

2. The Conscience.
How do we know right from wrong? It is by what is called by some, “the conscience”, a word meaning “with knowledge.” (There is that word science sneaking in again) In each human heart is an awareness somehow of right and wrong, with guilt for doing wrong, and a certain knowing that we must do what is right. Certainly when others do the wrong thing against us, we are clear to condemn them, because we know the difference. Where does this knowing of right and wrong come from? If there is no eternal creator who placed this thing there, there would be no reason to have such an awareness built into every life. The conscience is the proof of a Creator who is good, and wants His creations to be good also.

3. Jesus Christ is the Proof of God.
Jesus came as a man, saying that He was God. Scriptures tell us that He is the “image of the invisible God.” And Jesus told His disciples that “if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father.” What we see in Jesus, is actually a window into God. And as far as men go, none has influenced so greatly, and changed so much of the world as Jesus has. His attitudes and teachings have influenced nations and societies, rearranged the calendar, lifted up minorities and countless more things. He rose from the dead, which is a contested point, but not contested historically, for as soon as one endeavours to prove it wrong factually, they find they cannot. People don’t come back to life, but Jesus did proving that there is a God, and it was Himself.

4. The Church Proves there is a God.
Where did the Church come from? When I say ‘Church’ I mean Christianity, which although it isn’t perfect, has many wonderful qualities. Imagine removing Christianity from the world? Suddenly there would be millions of people left un-helped. Tens of thousands of schools, hospitals, orphanages, hospices, drug rehab centres, debt reduction programs, social welfare systems….. and on it goes… would disappear. Today in the world others also help the poor and the needy, but prior to Christianity they didn’t. It is the Christian influence that caused the framework for thinking in that manner. What would be gone if Christianity was gone, is all forms of helping others with any selflessness attached to it. The world would be like it was pre-Christ. The Church is, of course, the way it is, because of God. The Church also only exists because of Christ’s resurrection, for without it, the early believers would not have regathered themselves together after Christ’s death. Certainly there would have been no reason for any motivation to preach, serve and die for others. Even if the local Christians you know are a dull bunch, Christianity as a whole proves there is a God.

5. Evil Proves there is a God.
Sometimes people say things like “How can there be a God with so much suffering in the world?” Such statements assume that because things are wrong and not perfect, there must not be anything perfect. Yet here we connect and extend point 2 above. If there was no such thing as “good” and no such thing as an awareness of what is good, nobody would even ask such a question as was just asked. Contrary to the question, the fact that there exists sin and suffering is evidence that there is also something which is good and wonderful and opposite to these things. In fact it is the rejection of God in the first place by people, who wanted to ignore Him and do their own thing, that led to evil, sin and suffering coming into the world. Rather than let these wrongs convince you otherwise, let them drive you to God, who is proved by their existence.

6. Finally You are a Proof of God.
The Bible tells us that every person is created in God’s image. You are a person who has the freedom to choose things, with the ability to think, and feel, and smell and breathe. You are a person who can reject your Creator or accept Him. You are someone with the ability to love and be loved, and all these qualities are not random things that just happen on their own. Rather they are an evidence of who God is, because these are all aspects of what God is like. Even the worst human being, with addictions, hate, or sickness carries in them something that proves there is a God, and you do too.