Under the Old Covenant, nobody could become a priest unless they were a son of the High Priest. In this message, John Alley explains from Hebrews Chapter 5 and other Scriptures, that under the New Covenant, Jesus is our great High Priest forever. Moreover, once we have been born again, we all become sons of the High Priest, and therefore we are to be priests. Jesus lived a life of great sacrifice, to the point of death, and we also must be willing to make sacrifices in order to live the life that God has laid out for us; representing man to God in prayer, and representing God to man in preaching and witness. In order to qualify as priests, says John, we must be hungry for God and willing to sacrifice. This message will exhort the listener to seek more closely after God, and to have a willing heart to follow the Lord. Sunday, 18th October, 2009

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