Prayer is a most powerful force for change, and through prayer we advance the Kingdom of Christ and see greater works done, that we are called to do. Christ calls us all to prayer, and the scriptures say that God is “looking for someone who would stand in the gap.” He seeks intercessors, and may He find one in you.

However when we ask repeatedly for the same thing, always beleiving that it has not been granted, somehow a lack of faith applies to keep a situation from changing.

John Alley shares the story of a word received from Christ via Chuck Clayton in about 2002/3. Chuck came saying “one more push, and the wall comes down.” This wall was a certain opposition we experienced in dealing with certain brothers, in attempting to build relationship and advance the work of Christ.

The result of this word was that we pressed into prayer eagerly awaiting a change of circumstances, and yet circumstances continued as before. We prayed this way for several more years. It seemed to make the idea of “one more push” seem innacurate.

However a day came when John realised that he needed to simply believe that God had heard our prayers, and in that moment, the situation was completely changed.

As strange as it seems, it was our continued belief that things had not changed and our continued asking for them to change, which kept them from changing. And the moment we believed the prayer was answered.

Jesus tells us to that we must perservere in prayer and to also believe we have received. It shows that prayer is not a formula that always works the exact same way, but someone that happens in living relationship with Christ. Don’t fall into the trap on not receiving things God has already given you.