Last January I was given a focus by the Lord for the year 2012 at Peace in Rockhampton. It was spoken of much and has been on display on a banner in the church: "2012 -the Year of Organisation, Prayer, and Increase."

But as we approached the end of the year, I wondered whether we had in fact gone anywhere near fulfilling the potential of the word we had been given. Whilst there had been plenty that we had addressed in terms or re-organising, yet we seemed to be still in the middle of it. And yes, there had been a fresh approach to prayer, and more prayer than for years, but that too seemed unfinished. And as for increase, we could point to some progress, and feel good about some things, but we have not yet seen the kind of increase we envisage and pray for, nor what has been promised yet.

Then, as I looked at the banner in recent weeks, with time running out, I realised two things:

  1. These are not 1-year emphases that are then discarded. They are themes for all of life. It will always be the year of prayer. It will always be the year of organisation. And it will always be the year to look by faith for increase.
  2. At the same time (I believe by the Holy Spirit), we are in a bracket of years in which something bigger, something important, is going on. 2012-13 (perhaps even 2012-2015) are the YEARS of Organisation, Prayer, and Increase.

Last Sunday David Alley spoke of a dream he had just experienced in which his tomato plant was as big as a two-storey house, and his tomatoes were as big as basketballs, and the message from the Lord for him was that in one particular area of his life he was very fruitful. In that message, David was urging us all back to Listening Prayer as the means by which we all can find the greater fruitfulness we need in life for the Lord. For me, this was speaking further into our themes for these years.

What then for 2013. I think we are to re-embrace the message, re-state the theme, and re-work the banner too:

"2012-2013 — the Years of Fruitfulness in Prayer, Organisation, and Increase"

There feels great hope about 2013. May it be a truly great year for you and your family – as I have heard a number of people say, "May it be the best year yet."

My sincere love to you. The Lord grant you spiritual hunger, much grace, abundant peace and true prosperity, to you and the members of your family. May all the household of faith have eyes for Christ this year. As the Lord said to me years ago, "Keep looking into the eyes of Jesus Christ."