These day s we are surrounded by lots of electronic devices which have their place, but are they the cause of many Christians being more “in the mind” than in the Spirit on the Lord’s day – or any other day? John Alley explores the whole subject of the soul and the spirit of man, explaining that while God has breathed His spirit into man, our spirit is dead in sin until such time as we become born again of the Spirit. When we fail to grow and become strong in the Spirit, says John, our spirit is weak and may be bound, preventing us from fully walking with God. Every Christian needs to be strong in spirit – not in an aggressive, willful way, but with a calm and quiet heart. John teaches from the Scriptures, taking passages from the books of Ephesians, Revelation, John, Philippians, Galatians, Hebrews and 1 Corinthians, exhorting the people to worship God in spirit and in truth, putting no confidence in the flesh – we worship by the impulse of the Spirit. John also teaches regarding the dividing of soul and spirit by the word of God as well as the value of praying and singing in tongues as a means of strengthening the spirit within. John closes this excellent message with a reminder that every time we pray we should by faith step into the realm of the Spirit and find God by surrender.

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