The outback of Australia is one of the most remote parts of the planet, and also one of the least populated. Over the years a number of ministries have endeavored to reach out to people living in the interior. The most well known of these is probably, Rev John Flynn, from the Presbyterian Inland Mission, who established the Royal Flying Doctors Service. In the above picture you can see the ruins of an early mission building in Birdsville, used by John Flynn as an outback hospital.

Today, Christianity as a whole is finding it hard to maintain ministers, and maintain an array of aging church buildings in many places inland. Yet, the people of the bush show up in the Australian census are more Christian than those people in cities. God still has his people in these places.

It is clear that the relational nature of Christianity, and the love within God's people in serving each other, have an increasing role to play in these days when its harder to fund more formal ministry in these remote locations.

Last month Peace Apostolic ministries visited a number of locations in outback Queensland for the purposes of prayer, and meeting with ministers. It is our desire to serve and assist those of Christ, who are already there working in God's 'outback vineyard.' Peace also has an aviation ministry which is able when required to assist with transport to difficult locations, and we have made this available to ministers working in our region.

Paul wrote to the Thessalonians asking them to pray that the message of the gospel would "spread rapidly and be honoured." We ask you to join us in prayer for this in our region of Central Queensland, and in the outback region west of us.