“Salvation is free but discipleship will cost you your life.” Thus Philip Alley begins today’s message with this quote and others from Dietrich Bonheoffer, a man who knew what it meant to be a true disciple, wholly committed to Christ. He knew what it meant to serve God, love others and most of all to tell the truth, says Philip. Philip then goes on to list some of the things that are a threat to community. `These include criticism, resentment, jealousy and offense to name but a few. Philip then goes on to open up several passages from Scripture which give an antidote to such threats. Beginning with Galatians 6:14, Philip points out that not only is the world to be crucified to us, but that we must be crucified to the world. In other words, have we yet reached the point where the world has forgotten about us, ignores us because we are different and of no use to worldly people. A comprehensive list of Scripture verses follow, each one with deep meaning to be explored and put into place in our lives. It is not enough to contemplate the cross, says Philip. We need to allow the cross to do a work in us.

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