Our Purpose

John Alley is Called To:

  • Be a father to apostles.
  • Train apostles how to minister as apostles.
  • Train the Church how to receive apostles.
  • Teach the five-fold ministry how to love.
  • Seek and receive revelation, wisdom and understanding for the sake of the Church and for nations.
  • Bless people, churches, cities and nations.
  • Remove curses and place blessing instead.
  • Bind and loose, uproot and tear down.
  • Impart anointings, gifts and graces to people.

Mission to Australia and To the Ends of the Earth

Over a period of thirteen years John Alley received revelation regarding the restoration of apostles, the apostolic nature of the Church and the ongoing reformation.

In 1997 Christ appeared to John Alley and gave him the commission to "Take an apostolic message to the nations."

In 2002 Apostle Chuck Clayton (John Alley's spiritual father) prophesied regarding the revelation of fathering and sonship: "This message will change the nation." and we then received the commission: "Take this message to the nation."

In Australia, this commission is being fulfilled through:

  • Being a living example of the message
  • Conferences and Itinerant Ministry
  • Distribution of books and resources, such as "The Apostolic Revelation - The Reformation of the Church"
  • Development of television ministry.

In the nations:

Since the early nineties the Lord has led John Alley in a series of divine appointments in different nations with men in ministry that He was raising as apostles.

John has been instrumental in confirming their calling, providing personal spiritual fathering, relationship and accountability.

Each of these apostles have found great blessing through this relationship and look to John as a spiritual father.

Our aim is to help each of these apostles the Lord has joined us with to fulfil their ministry call and purpose. We are supporting their ministry in their nation. Each ministry remains completely autonomous - we do not have any control, it is purely relational.

With the help of our partners, we assist some national apostolic ministries with financial support of projects they are involved in. For example, in Cambodia Hour Meng Aun has established an orphanage and a ministry to street children in Phnom Penh. He had stepped out in faith and started these ministries without any financial support from his government or from a Western Nation. Peace International now contributes to more than half of the daily running expenses of the orphanage and is building a new orphanage building.