John Alley begins today’s message with Psalm 98, a call to worship which speaks of God’s faithfulness to Israel. John moves on to Romans 15:7-12, an exhortation to accept one another as Christ has accepted us. The New Testament, says John, is full of God’s promise to the Patriarchs that there is no distinction, neither Jew nor Gentile. Sociologists have said that the world is quickly moving towards Christianity. However, whereas once Western nations considered themselves the centre of Christianity, the incredible growth that we have seen in our lifetime has been centred largely in Africa, Latin America and Asia. John exhorts the people to pray, seek God and search the Scriptures so that the rest of the world does not leave us behind in the advance of Christianity. John’s message is full of exciting facts: for example, in 1979 the Bible had been translated into 100 languages, but just 37 years later in 2016, the Bible has been translated into 2,239 languages! The world is changing, as our Lord Jesus Christ rules the tide and times and the affairs of men. John exhorts those who hear this message to fight the good fight, to finish the race and to keep the faith, just as Paul said in 1Timothy. John has brought forth many rich Scriptures in this inspiring message, further proof of the will and intention of God for this world.

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