John Alley begins his message today by commenting on a statement he has seen which states that we are living in a post-Christian society. This is not true, says John. Although some Western nations have slid in the area of Christianity, in the world as a whole the Kingdom of God is advancing rapidly. John goes to Romans 8 which speaks of the future for creation, which is presently in decay. However, it is clear from the Scriptures that the ultimate purpose of God is not to destroy the earth, but to liberate it. Our hope, therefore, is not only for the resurrection but also for the future liberated earth. There is a final judgement, says John, and heaven and hell are real. But meanwhile, the way that we live in the present is critical. John debunks the popular theory of a “rapture” when all believers are removed from the earth, pointing to Bible evidence that the just and the unjust are resurrected together. Then there is the judgement, and Jesus hands the Kingdom over to the Father. This message of hope is rich with insights into truth as revealed by the word of God.

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