Apostolic Training About to Launch Online


Have you noticed the huge increase in information (and mis-information) in the world about apostles and apostolic ministry lately? There is a surge of interest in something new that God is doing in the nations.

For more than twenty years, Peace Apostolic Ministries has been educating and informing ministers and believers about the restoration of apostles, and the apostolic nature of the Church. We have travelled the world visiting about 40 nations teaching and sharing what God has given us. God has given John Alley and the team with him a persepective on these things that you will find is authentic and of the heart. God is calling his people to reflect His heart, and apostles should be the first to do so, and the servants of all. These are some of the things we model and teach.

We are pleased to announce that our online training environment is close to launching after twelve months of development. We expect it to be ready for registrations by September. Please visit the peace website to indicate your interest.