Coming Soon.... our online training environment where you will be able to participate in an apostolic school online.

We've been working hard to get our training environment up, and over the last few months since our last update we have recorded a lot of video, built servers, built websites and have commenced putting together all of the curriculum in a way that will be useful to all future online learners.

As you would know, it is a huge undertaking to build a Learning Environment, and we have never done so before. We ask for your prayers as we continue to plan and build a great tool for the Body of Christ. Pray also that its materials would be beneficial to many people, and that the Lord would bring along the right people who most need to hear it.

Twenty years ago when John Alley started travelling the world teaching that God was restoring apostles, this was news to many people. He had to prove it scripturally, and once people saw the scriptures, they believed.

Today the battle is not over whether apostles exist, or whether God is restoring them, but the nature of who they are, what they do and how to discern an apostle. And it seems there is a lot of confusion all over the place.

Many people are looking at external things and making conclusions based on those things, yet the apostolic has always been a heart thing, and relational. You can't be a genuine apostle without considering all of God's people and His work. Yet many are just concerned with their own works and networks. There is still a lot to be learned.

That is one reason why we are working hard to develop our online training environment. Please pray with us for it's development and success. We believe that many pastors need to come into understanding of what it truly means to be apostolic, and God has called us to teach this to His people. Please stand with us in prayer for these good outcomes.

And we do fully expect that the same faithful God who has brought us thus far, will continue to lead and bring us to the end of what He has intended.