Last year we announced that we have commenced working towards building an online training environment where ministers, and interested others will be able to receive formal training in apostolic ministry.

What we have in mind is a large undertaking and we are currently well at work, with expectations of launching in the first half of next year. So far we have spent several months in filming and lecturing. We have begun building course notes to match and have begun constructing the programming and server backend for the training environment.

We have a large number of expressions of interest, and it's an exciting time for us as we begin to see it all start to take shape. We expect to announce a starting date in February, meanwhile keep us in your prayers as we pour a lot of work and thought into the best way of bringing the apostolic message to you in a living way online.

For more information about apostolic schools both in the physical world, and online, and to register your interest, please head to this page