On this Mother’s Day Sunday John Alley poses the question – “What is it that every Christian mother wants?” The answer, of course, is that her children grow to the fullness of being a whole man or woman, walking with God. John recounts the story of St Francis of Assisi, who began his adult life as a wealthy young wastrel, engaging in wild living. However, his mother, a Christian woman, prayed for her son without giving up and one night Francis had a revelation of the love of God revealed in all of creation. Francis eschewed wealth and lived simply, owing nothing and drawing many thousands of people to the knowledge of God. John goes on to discuss the stories of Hannah, King David, Elizabeth and Mary, emphasizing the high level of importance that each of these people placed on praise and worship. Worship, says John, is the currency of Heaven. When we worship God, something from the heavens comes to us and we are enriched. John closes with a quote from Psalm 100: 4-5, which teaches that thanksgiving and praise is the appropriate way in which to approach God.

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Other Messages About: Father, Leading, Manhood