Of Ants and Men and God

David Alley begins his message by affirming that God came to earth and lived as a man in order to show us His great love for us. Just as in order to communicate to an ant we would need to become an ant, so it was with God, says David. In desiring to communicate with man God became a man and lived among us.
Not only did He come, but in advance of His coming, God launched an extensive publicity campaign to let us know of it. First God sent the Old Testament prophets, and then at the birth of Jesus there was great fanfare, with angels and trumpets, the star that appeared in the sky and the visit of the 3 kings.
And still today, says David, God’s “publicity campaign” continues. Every year we witness music and movies that reflect the advent of Christ.
And yet, many people still are oblivious to the reality of the advent of Christ.
David produces scripture verses to describe the purpose of the coming of Christ and its effect on our lives while describing how the enemy blinds men to the reality of Christ before encouraging the listener to “evangelize by stealth”, to seek Christ and to give God a gift this Christmas.