John Alley commences his message with an overview of how the Spirit of the church (Peace) has progressed over the years, specifically since the Spirit of Community was released in 2002. People, says John, often have a mixture of Holy Spirit and tradition at work within their lives and it is this tradition, or religious spirit, that gives rise to many problems. One example is the division between clergy and laity. While it is true that some are called to leadership, all believers have access to the same grace of Christ – every promise, every command and every consequence of willfully ignoring God’s commands. Wonderful though the progress made is, John informs the listener that a time has come when God wands to add to us even more. It is time to hear the Lord afresh and to know what He wants and what He is saying. John goes to several Scriptures including Acts 22, in which we read that God has chosen us (believers) to know his will and to hear words from his mouth. John exhorts and encourages the people of Peace to become those who listen and seek, living carefully and wisely the whole time.

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