International Registration Information

If you are registering for our annual Apostolic Summit, or another conference or event that we run, and you are registering internationally, there is some information you will need to know before registering.

The Australian Government is very strict when it comes to the issue of visas, and has quotas for how many people from various nations it allows into Australia... this may affect your registration.

Depending on exactly which nation you come from will affect how easy it is for you to obtain a tourist visa to enter Australia. There is a list of 28 nations which the Immigration Department has decided they will allow to enter Australia on tourist visas without much scrutiny. If you are from one of these countries, you will find getting a tourist visa to be a simple task which costs you no more than $20 and about 5 minutes of your time at their website. If you are from one of these nations when you register, we will redirect you to this website after your registration is complete, and you can apply for and obtain your visa. We refer to these nations as "Visa Easy Nations."

The following countries are "Visa Easy" and if you are from one of these nations, you will have no problems obtaining your visa, provided you have no criminal record, and are in good health. The nations are:

* Andorra
* Austria
* Belgium
* Brunei
* Canada
* Denmark
* Finland
* France
* Germany
* Greece
* Hong Kong SAR
* Iceland
* Ireland
* Italy
* Japan
* Liechtenstein
* Luxembourg
* Malaysia
* Malta
* Monaco
* Netherlands
* Norway
* Portugal
* San Marino
* Singapore
* South Korea
* Spain
* Sweden
* Switzerland
* United Kingdom
* United States of America
* Vatican City

You can read more about these easy visas at the Australian Immigration Department ETA website.

If you do not come from one of the above countries you may find that it is challenging to obtain a tourist visa to come to Australia. Becuase of the requirements of our Department of Immigration you will need to allow yourself at least 2 months for this to be approved. Becuase of this requirement, our registrations for the Apostolic Summit every year, for people in this category close 2 months before the Summit because of time constraints placed upon potential registrants.

If you have fallen into the second category and find that you do not have enough time to register for the Annual Apostolic Summit, may we suggest that you register for the following Apostolic Summit and begin your application for a tourist visa in preparation for that time.

All registrants for one of our conferences will receive a letter of invitation issued through this website to help you in the process of obtaining a tourist visa.

If you are an international registrant who we have known and met in person, please contact us about your registration so that we can give specific advice regarding your registration. In this circumstance sometimes we can help you to obtain a visa quicker than is normal.

It is our prayer and hope that you are successful in obtaining a visa. We look forward to seeing you in Australia very soon. To register for a conference, continue here.