What to do about Spam

We now have a new Spam system setup called The Bayesian ASSP Spam System which gives each email a score. If the email is scored at zero (0) it will be delivered as normal. If the email is scored higher than zero it will have "[SPAM]" in the subject line. Emails in this category may or may not be spam... we will need to train the system to help it become accurate. Finally, emails with a very high score are automatically deleted and you will not see them at all. If you receive an email which you consider to be spam... please forward it to assp-spam@peace.org.au and the system will treat the sender as a spammer from this point forwards. If you receive an email which is marked [SPAM] but in reality is from someone who is legitimate, you can protect the sender so that they are not marked as spam in the future. To do this, please forward this email to assp-notspam@peace.org.au Also, if you have a list of contacts who you want to protect, place them in an email body, and forward that list to assp-white@peace.org.au and those email addresses will be white-listed. Please also note that each spam email must be forwarded separately and not send as an attachement of another email. This is more time consuming but is important for maximum effectiveness. One final point worth remembering. Whenever you send an email to anyone, the recipient is always remembered as someone safe to receive email from. In other words, that address is white-listed. This is a good thing because people you write to will always be able to write back to you. The danger is however to remember not to forward spam to anyone for any reason... because the spammer will be added to the white-list, and you will keep getting their spam.