How Does Our Website Contact Form Work?

When someone sends us an email via the contact form on our website there is a subject option... they need to choose a category for their email and according to that category it is sent to a different person. Here below are the categories and the recipients of emails for each of those categories. Apostles - Books and Tapes - Missions - Other - Prayer - Website Feedback - When someone fills in our form they receive an autoresponder from which thanks them for contacting us and then lets them know that we will get back to them once soon if the email warrants a reply. Each of these recipients need to make sure that they are receiving this mail by checking their spam folders... it is possible that this mail can be caught in a spam filter because it appears to come from a person (the from address) but it is mailed from our server. Sometimes virus programs consider this to be an issue and so you need to check. If you are someone who receives email from this form, you will need to do a test to make sure you are getting these emails.