Sonship, Inheritance and Generational Blessing - Teaching Series by John Alley

John Alley’s first book, The Apostolic Revelation, laid out the framework for the apostolic reformation of the church, based mainly on the writings of the Apostle Paul. Of the major subjects addressed in that book, seven in particular represent the essential and foundational elements of the reformation taking place in the church today. Here in audio form is the presentation of those seven principles that must be embraced by us. In particular, building father/sons relationships in the ministry of Christ is at the centre of that reform. Learn here about fathering and sonship, the very heart of the apostolic message, and discover the importance and value of receiving our inheritance in Christ in such relationships, and of the heart condition which positions us to receive our inheritance. In addition, most blessing that is meant to come to us is generational in nature. Discover what blessing is, and the power of generational blessing which flows from these relationships, as well as the power for both receiving and imparting blessing which all of us may walk in. In this message, John Alley unfolds for the listener the principles and values which God intends for our lives as we walk according to His pattern. 2 Great Messages: Sonship, Inheritance and Generational Blessing - The Spirit of Songship Sonship, Inheritance and Generational Blessing - Inheritance and Generational Blessing