God's Unchanging Purpose - Teaching Series by John Alley

“What do you mean, ‘apostolic’ ”? This is a question that deserves a thoughtful and comprehensive answer. In this series, John Alley and David Hood address the great issues of God’s unchanging apostolic purpose and method, as well as the very relational and personal nature of both God’s dealings with His people and our walk with one another if we are to be fruitful, and discuss these issues drawing their answers both from the Scriptures and from the experience of daily walking in the reality of apostolic grace and dynamic relationships. You will learn vital principles of apostolic grace, including fathering, sonship, inheritance and the meaning of true community, all explained with clarity and relevance for Christian believers everywhere, as well as insight into why God’s method is always an apostolic method. 2 Messages to Forever Change the Way you See Church: God's Unchanging Purpose - What Do You Mean Apostolic? God's Unchanging Purpose - Dynamics of Sonship