The Old and the New - John Alley Teaching Series on Wineskins

This series by John Alley is inspiring and eye opening. Quite comprehensive in scope, John compares the place and purpose of the old wineskin, which was Judaism, with the new wineskin Jesus spoke of, which is the Body of Christ. In the process, we examine the old & new covenant, the old & new priesthood, and the message of the Epistle to the Hebrews, and discover that in Christ everything has been made new, that the old was merely a shadow now made obsolete by what has appeared for us in Christ. The message shows how the church historically descended into darkness by the loss of apostolic life and by putting church life back into Old Covenant forms, the very thing Jesus said not to do, and that this has produced much trouble and bloodshed in church history. There is here a clear warning against judaizing the Body of Christ, and great clarity so as not to confuse the old and new covenants. Learn what a ‘wineskin’ really is, and how this is God’s way of giving Himself in a greater and corporate way to His people. A truly exciting and inspirational series! Listen to 3 Great Messages: 1. The Need for a New Wineskin 2. The New Priesthood 3. Jesus our Apostle and Great High Priest