Partner With Us

Join with us and Partner to share an Apostolic Message to Australia and to the nations. Jesus Christ personally commissioned John Alley and Peace Apostolic Ministries to take this message to the nation say that it would "change the nation." We believe that the restoration of Apostles today is crucial to what God is doing in His Church and that our cooperation with Him will bring about the prophecy spoken of in Malachi, that the fathers will turn to the children and the children to the fathers. We believe that the essence of our faith is in proper relationships, especially in the relationship of sonship as modeled by God the Father and God the Son. We invite you to join with us through giving and prayer to strengthen what God is doing and to spread the message. Please complete this pledge form and mail it into us at: Peace Apostolic Community Locked Bag 8004 Rockhampton, Q, 4700 Australia