The Spirit of Sonship - John Alley's New Book

We would like to present to you John Alley's new book The Spirit of Sonship. The "spirit of sonship" is an apostolic grace which brings about the spiritual maturity of the believer, the revival of apostolic Christianity, and ultimately, the maturity of the church in preparation for the coming of Christ.

This important book reveals that the values and heart attitudes of what we may call the spirit of sonship is the very nature and essence of authentic apostolic New Testament Christianity.

You will discover a fresh approach to understanding and walking in grace, through relationships. The subject is huge, and wonderful; the whole of the Scriptures and all of salvation history must now be seen in the light of sonship and its implications.

The book is highly recommended: "I highly recommend this book because the author's life has exemplified what is recorded in these pages. This is more than ink on paper - it is a written impartation of a man's life, his family and his heart. This book will be a great opportunity for the Body of Christ, not only to learn, but to experience, the Goodness of God." Apostle Chuck Clayton

"You are about to glean from a man who's been on an incredible journey of revelation and discovery. I know of no other book published on this subject that is so biblical, inspiring, and practical." Rev. Dr. John McElroy

We encourage you to learn from the revelation and heart of this book. Australians can obtain a copy by contacting our office International Visitors may find it easier to purchase here.